The Music School is starting the integrative and musical project "...fremde Fremde?" meaning "... foreign Foreigners?". Therefore the Leipzig Music School opened an orchestra and a dancing group in which foreign inhabitants of Leipzig participated. The first performance took place in the Gewandhaus Leipzig at the “Music festival for all” on the 1st of June 2008.

The Youth Symphony Orchestra performes Carl Orffs "Carmina Burana" together with the Pennsbury High School Concert Choir.


The City of Leipzig acquires the building Petersstraße 43 and secures the long term use of the building by the Leipzig Music School.

The dance department is moving into new rooms in Windmühlenstraße.


Signing of the godparenthood between the Gewandhausorchester and the Music School.

Concert of the Youth Symphony Orchestra on the Thomaskirchhof on the occasion of the Bachfest.

Formation of brass ensemble between the Leipzig Music School and the Conservatoire national de région de Lyon. Concerts in both cities and reception in the town hall of Lyon.


Joint Concert with the Leipzig Youth Symphony Orchestra and the "Firebirds" at the Leipzig city festival.

The Youth Symphony Orchestra celebrates its 20th anniversary.

Last school concert with the Gewandhausorchester conducted by Herbert Blohmstedt and the first school concert with the Gewandhausorchester conducted by Riccardo Chailly.


With approximately 6.800 student placements and 3.750 weekly lessons, the Music School of Leipzig "Johann Sebastian Bach" ranks as the second largest music school in Germany after Hamburg.


Youth Symphony Orchestra of the Music School invited to the Edinburgh Music Festival. The only German youth orchestra present.1st prize for the Youth Symphony Orchestra and Big Band of the Music School during the German Orchestra Competition and Saxony State Competition. A delegation of both ensembles entered the Federal Contest in May 2004 in Osnabrueck.


September – 50th Anniversary of the founding of the Music School of Leipzig "Johann Sebastian Bach". Enrolment 31st May 2001 = 4.959.


1st Jan – The organization of the school concerts (previously carried out by the Office of Cultural Affairs of the City of Leipzig) now integrated internally into the Music School of Leipzig "Johann Sebastian Bach".


Due to a local government reform, several municipalities of the rural district Leipzig are incorporated into the City of Leipzig. In this regard, several branches of the Music School "Ottmar Gerster" are now affiliated to the Music School of Leipzig "Johann Sebastian Bach". Attainment of 600 students, together with 15 full time and 20 external teachers present in our school. October 1999 – the school moves into premises on Petersstrasse 43.


Jan. 1998 - Transfer of the Cultural Workshop from the Office of Cultural Activities. 1st Jan 1998 - Expansion of current courses by offering temporary courses. In summer, the school moves to Thomasiusstrasse 2 due to the renovation of the old building.


1st Jan - Merger of the two music schools in Leipzig – "Landesmusikschule" (Federal State Music School) and "Musikunterrichtskabinett" (Music Education Centre) – to form the Music School of Leipzig "Johann Sebastian Bach". This merger will be operated as a separate municipal entity. Enrolment 31st Dec 1996 = 4.452.


Relocation of the Federal State Music School Leipzig to Dittrichring 21.


On the 1st of January the Borough Music School ("Bezirksmusikschule") "Johann Sebastian Bach" is appointed Federal State Music School. Due to the elimination of the boroughs and the re-establishment of the Free State of Saxony, the Ministry of Cultural Affairs assumes the interim sponsorship of the school. The "Musikunterrichtskabinett" (Music Education Centre) remains under the management of the City, and extends its programs with a music theatre workshop, dance lessons, disabled persons musical tuition and musical education for adults. Both institutions join the Federation of German Music Schools. In the course of several months, student enrolments increase at both schools: 3,600 pupils at the Federal State Music School and 2,500 at the Music Education Centre. This development is mainly due to extended offerings within early musical education.


On 26th January the Borough Music School is awarded the name "Johann Sebastian Bach". During this year, the Youth Symphony Orchestra is established, and quickly develops into a highly capable ensemble.


No.4 Schwaegrichenstrasse becomes the domicile of the Borough Music School Leipzig; the Dance and Entertainment Music department and Fine Arts department remain at the "Haus der Volkskunst" (House of People"s Art). The "Centre for Instrumental Education" is renamed to "The Music Education Centre of the City of Leipzig". According to its historical development, it mainly focuses on the education of the general public without the pressure of examinations. Due to its broad variety of courses, the institution develops into a valuable complement to the performance focused Borough Music School.


On the 1st February 1976 the Music School Leipzig-City is awarded the title "Borough Music School", which grants it increased responsibility and authority over fellow music schools within the Leipzig Borough. Borough consultants are appointed for the faculties. The faculty of "Dance and Entertainment Music" is broadened by establishing a "Professional Class - Dance Music" which offers professional accreditation.


Student enrolment at the Music School Leipzig-City:

  • 670 students (Traditional Music)
  • 62 students (Dance and Entertainment Music
  • 118 students (Dance
  • 176 students (Fine Art

Teaching staff:

  • 39 teachers (full-time)
  • 34 teachers (external)


Gradual establishment of a centre for instrumental education. The facility was granted independent status with its own budget.


Commencement of the establishment of a faculty for dance and entertainment music.


Monthly student concerts offered in the hall of the "Haus der Volkskunst" (House of People"s Art). They are increasingly enacted in themes (e.g. Mozart, Kurt Schwaen and others). The music school is renamed "Music School Leipzig-City" due to the fact that a part of it now services Leipzig Borough.


Renaming of the "Volkskunstschule" (People"s Art School) to "Music School of Leipzig". The faculties of Dance and Fine Art remain.


The previous "Volksmusikschule" (People"s Music School) is converted into the "Volkskunstschule Leipzig" (People"s Art School). The musical education program is expanded through additional departments "Fine Art" and "Dance". The "Volkskunstschule" (People"s Art School) is now located in the "Haus der Volkskunst" (House of People"s Art) featuring a hall and theatre at Lindenau Market Square.

Student enrolment reaches the following level:

  • 1674 students (Dept. Music)
  • 165 students (Dept. Fine and Applied Arts)
  • 130 students (Dept. Artistic Dance)

Teaching staff:

  • 44 teachers (full-time)
  • 10 teachers (external)


Expansion of the branch network by including the neighbourhoods Schkeuditz/Engelsdorf, Zwenkau and Markranstaedt. Lessons are carried out with students in pairs. Individual lessons are reserved for potential conservatoire students.


Increasing the number of teaching staff and students. Student enrolment rises to 900. Instructors are former self-employed music educators, graduates of the Conservatoire Leipzig and established guitar and mandolin instrumentalists.


In September the "Volksmusikschule" (People"s Music School) is founded. Five teachers instruct 200 students throughout the schools of Leipzig. The school management is situated within the 44th Primary School at Demmering Street.