As the largest Saxon music school we offer training in areas of music and dance. All musically inclined children, adolescents and adults are warmly welcomed. In the midst of preserving the rich cultural heritage of the City of Leipzig, we are a contemporary music school pursuing modern learning methods. With our varied selection of courses we contribute significantly to improving the quality of life in our city. The Music School is an indispensable part of the cultural landscape in Leipzig. Its impact is also recognized beyond the city limits due to its involvement on a national level.

Our tasks

We sustain and promote music and dance skills amongst children, adolescents and adults. Through qualified training we encourage a joy for music itself and making music on virtually all instruments and embracing all musical styles.

We contribute to a positive personal development in our students, promote integrated social behaviour and lay the foundations for a life long engagement with music.

The musical education of the general public is as much our concern as the support of gifted students, right up to their vocational preparation. Through a vast variety of events we offer our students a stage to demonstrate their talents in public. Furthermore, we implement our educational responsibility by staging multifaceted school concerts for Leipzig’s schools.

Our students

Open to all – from infants to seniors, our training caters for everybody’s individual needs.

We accompany many of our students throughout the years in their continuing musical development; others use our temporary course offerings or cultivate a hobby as late entrants.

Our partners

Regular and intensive partnerships with general-education schools and kindergartens are of specific importance to us.

Other valuable partners include cultural institutions, educational organizations, our Circle of Friends as well as the Parents Association. Furthermore, many projects are realized through the support of sponsors and donors.

Our personnel

We are a competent team.

Highly qualified staff are the foundation to the successful work of our school. Professional information exchange and continuing education of our staff guarantee our superior level of quality.

The satisfaction of our students and their parents is our foremost priority.